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High School/Middle School Program

Ozanam, Inc. High School and Middle school program is very rigorous. Three former Division I coaches lead the youngsters. Middle school through high school, boys and girls, engage in our athletic program.   The leaders teach the rules, the game, and court etiquette. The participants work hard; drills are practiced, plays are learned, and strategies are planned.   Not only do the youngsters play, they focus on leadership, character, and integrity. The students participate in: exchange games, and Fall, Spring, and Summer leagues. 


Education is a key component to our High School/ Middle School Program.  The youngsters have access to tutors and mentors. They also have access to the coaches who assist with the application process, etc.  The coaches are trained Promise Coaches, as well. Guest speakers and former Ozanam players share their keys to success with the students.  Youngsters visit many college campuses, in the Pittsburgh area, and also out of state. The students have visited colleges and universities in West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC.  


The Ozanam students are encouraged to set goals, dream big, and pay it forward.    They participate in service learning projects.  These projects may include: Ronald McDonald House, Senior Citizen projects, Earth Day, and mentoring youth in the Afterschool program.  Participants are part of our annual Ozanam Youth Basketball Leadership Conference which may include: The Pittsburgh Promise, Union Trades, Career Options, and Nutrition and Fitness (Fuel Up & Play 60).    Data is collected and evaluated by Dr. Maria Townsend, adjunct professor at the University of Pittsburgh’s GSIPA.

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